Consulting - is a professional assistance of our experts in solving any problem in doing business. The main task of consulting is to develop effective recommendations for the correction of further actions to improve the financial and administrative activities of the company.

Providing consulting services is divided into several stages:

Types of consulting services provided by our company:

Management Consulting Services - is a range of services provided by the top managers in the strategic planning in order to optimize and increase the efficiency of companies (identifying competitiveness, organizational structure and development, strategic planning, internal management).

Administrative Consulting - is a range of services aimed at improving the efficiency of management of the company (office management, workflow analysis, organization and management techniques).

Financial Consulting - is a range of services aimed an efficient and reliable financial management system (analysis of financial condition, the accounting system, taxation).

Human Resource Consulting - is a set of measures aimed at improving the efficiency of human resources (personnel evaluation, corporate culture, the development of job profiles and competence regulations, professional advancement and downsizing, the search and selection of personnel, personnel security, labor agreements and employment).

Consulting services allow looking at the enterprise from the outside, objectively evaluating it and adopting corrective actions and implementation potential.

Subscription Services For Companies (Legal Outsourcing)

Subscription Service - is a comprehensive legal support of your business in order to eliminate risks, optimize business processes and solve the existing problems.

Legal outsourcing includes the following services:

Subscription Service allows you to order services necessary for you company.

Advocating, Representation In Courts:

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Advocacy" our Company provides legal support and assistance of the counsel. Our employees are highly qualified and experienced specialists in different areas of law.

Judicial practice includes the following areas:

Representation of the Сlient is carried out in Commercial Court, Administrative Court and courts of general jurisdiction of all instances of Ukraine.

Types OfLegal Services:

Pre-trial settlement of the dispute:
Representation in court: